My Why

This is my mom. She was the inspiration for everything I have done and the motivator for everything I did. Every crazy idea I had she was always in my corner encouraging me to take that next step. Whether it was playing in a rock band or getting a 1973 Volkswagen bus as my first car, she was the one who told me to go for it and always rode front seat. When I began my adventure with photography I knew it was something special and so did she.


This photo is my favorite photo I took of her. I took it a couple of days before her birthday in 2016, nothing was planned and she wasn’t even ready to take a photo. I snapped it from my waist as I usually do when I test the lighting and expected a bad photo. But, what I found was a precious moment I would cherish. It’s a moment I know she was looking right at me, smiling and proud. Something that mother’s always do but, these moments tend to evade being captured because they are in the background.


This photo is the “Why” to my passion for photography. It’s the reason I take photos so that others can experience the joy I feel when I see this in my living room framed for everyone to see. Photography is able to bring those emotions you once felt and then some you haven’t. I took this photo not expecting anything and less than 2 years later my mother passed. It became everything and my most cherished photo I will ever take.

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