Dallas Wedding and Yosemite Elopement Photographer

Hello! I'm Rafael Gamez!

Thanks for finding me. It is so great that you are beginning to want to tell your love story through photo and film. To be considered to take on that role is such a blessing and I cannot even begin to thank you enough. Each wedding is a completely new story to tell and my dedication to my clients grows as the stories begin to be told. Your experience with your wedding and making sure you enjoy every bit of it is what I love. Hopefully you connect with the photos and films from the stories that I have told and we can start a new one. I cannot wait to hear yours.

Let's tell your story

I feel like we have met before...

You are that type of person that wants to make the absolute most of their big day. To share those incredible intimate moments with your partner and to have an adventure with it.


Whether that is on the side of a mountain top shouting your love to the world.


Holding your partners hand while jumping into the river in Yosemite valley.


Hiking all day and into the night to welcome the stars.


Yes...we have met. Because, we are exactly the same.


You want to celebrate your love story surrounded by your friends and family. Sharing each moment in a beautiful venue and dancing the entire night away.


The experience of getting ready with your closest friend's and sharing champagne in those early hours.


Showing everyone your love for your partner at the alter.


And dancing all night alongside those you couldn't live without.


I absolutely get you too!


You're excited! And for good reason too! Y'all slow down now and let's get to know each other a little more.


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Our feet are planted here in Dallas, Texas but, our roots love to run
the land to explore the mountains, deserts, and oceans.

Let's tell your story